Our Purpose


The Fellowship is on MISSION to ensure that every Man, Woman, and Child would have a repeated opportunity to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Four Outcomes

As a result of faith in Jesus, we see Four Outcomes that should be present in your life as you move forward. These aren’t rituals or things to make us more religious; instead, these Four Outcomes put us into a position to be changed by God.


Embracing Intimacy with God:

– teaching our soul that its satisfaction is found in God alone. Spend time with God each day through prayer and his Word.


Experiencing Christ-like Relationships:

– how would Jesus live my life were he me? This impacts our relationships to people and to our stuff.


Engaging Spiritual Gifts:

– A Jesus-follower is gifted by God for the good of others and the advancement of the Gospel. Everyone is necessary.


Extending Our Grace Story:

– Whenever people encounter Jesus, he leaves them with a story to tell. God’s grace has invaded our lives; we exist to share it.